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What’s Revealed by the Harvey Weinstein Saga

The significance of the Harvey Weinstein saga is what it reveals not just about him but rather the entire Democrat party, its leaders, and its supporters. Furthermore, it demonstrates the vast difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.

For Democrats Harvey Weinstein is nothing new. He’s more of the same. There’s little difference between Harvey Weinstein, John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and countless other Democrat politicians and their enablers.

Any large group of humans will include some who are reprehensible. What’s notable about the names above is that in spite of their disgraceful behavior they’ve been elevated to the highest levels of leadership and admiration in one of America’s two major political parties. The Democrat party leaders and their voters apparently have not the slightest problem having abusers of women leading their party or being major campaign donors.

What is the Democrat party’s ethic? It is this: if it feels good, do it. If that’s not the Democrat ethic, what is? It’s clearly not the Ten Commandments, and it’s not “do unto others…” The proof is becoming increasingly obvious and the evidence has been accumulating for decades.

Democrats revere John Kennedy. For nineteen months between 1962 until shortly before his death in 1963 Kennedy carried on a sexual relationship with a 19-year-old intern, Mimi Alford. Four days after she arrived in the White House Kennedy “date raped” Alford who was at the time a virgin.

Although Kennedy had sex with Alford on numerous occasions both in the White House and on presidential trips, he never kissed her. He was, of course, married to Jackie during the entire period. The idyllic Kennedy marriage was a fraud, bought hook-line-and-sinker by Democrats and never questioned by the sycophantic media even though it was well aware of Kennedy’s numerous affairs while he was president.

The party that rails about the unfairness of inequality reveres leaders who exploit inequality. The inequality they exploit is about as wide as it gets, e.g. between a young, vulnerable intern and a middle-aged President of the United States.

Alford kept the abuse secret for over forty years. When it was finally reported by someone else Alford confirmed what had happened and eventually wrote a book entitled Once Upon a Secret. Alford’s story is fascinating and poignant. The abusive relationship left a wake of considerable psychological damage and feelings of guilt. Keeping what had happened to her a secret for all those years allowed Alford to avoid the life mangling notoriety that later befell Monica Lewinsky.

John’s youngest brother, Ted Kennedy, should have been charged with manslaughter for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, a 29-year-old campaign volunteer whom he left to drown in a submerged car in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Kennedy pleaded guilty to “leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury.” Causing “injury” is not quite accurate. He caused a young woman’s death. He received a two-month suspended sentence. If you’re a Kennedy in Massachusetts you can pretty much get away with murder. It was after Ted’s role in Kopechne’s death that Democrats started referring to him as “the Lion of the Senate.”

I dare anyone who admires and respects Bill Clinton to read the 1999 interview of Juanita Broaddrick, a Clinton campaign volunteer, by Lisa Myers, NBC’s chief investigative reporter at the time. You will probably conclude that Broderick is very credible and that she was raped by Bill Clinton. NBC has long denied requests to release the video of the interview.

At the time Clinton was the state attorney general for Arkansas. Since he was the highest ranking law official in the state, there was absolutely nothing Broaddrick could do about what Clinton had done to her. The office he held allowed him to commit violence on women without fear or consequence. He had power, she had none. One of the reasons Democrats relish power is what it allows them to do to those without power.

In a way the Democrats do have high standards, but only for Republicans. Democrats went positively apoplectic (and still do) in reaction to Donald Trump’s taped comments about what celebrities can get away with with women. His words were crude and better left unsaid. However, they were words, not actions.

Trump has done nothing that remotely compares to what numerous Democrat politicians have done to women. How do we know he hasn’t? Because if he had done such things you can be damn-well sure we would have heard about it. You can be absolutely certain the media would not have kept it secret.

The Democrat party is a warm and welcoming environment for philanderers, lechers, lotharios, creeps, mashers, and cheaters. By example, the Kennedys and the Clintons let it be known that their party would protect, defend, ignore, and hide any despicable behavior if it helps advance the Democrat agenda (especially abortion) and defeat Republicans.

On the left there is a far-reaching and effective conspiracy of silence, a major player being the media. As much as being purveyors of “fake news,” the media’s main damage is done with incomplete news and crimes of omission. Hollywood reporters have known since the 1980s about Harvey Weinstein’s perverted and disgusting behavior. They were, among many others, the ones who enabled Weinstein to continue his abuse of women for decades.

When you enable an alcoholic the damage done falls primarily on the alcoholic himself. When you enable an abuser/rapist the damage done is borne by innocent victims. All those who helped keep Harvey Weinstein’s squalid secrets are guilty accessories-after-the-fact to who knows how many avoidable victims.

The enablers should be profoundly ashamed of themselves and many of them probably are. Unfortunately, many of his enablers in the media are incapable of shame. A primary responsibility of the media is supposed to be shining the light of the day on such crimes. Their dereliction of duty is almost criminal.

The Weinstein mess has opened the flood gates for more women to come forward to reveal their abuse by politicians and entertainers. The other week in deep blue California, “More than 240 women around the state Capitol, including some of the most influential women in Sacramento politics, signed an open letter to declare that sexual harassment, and a culture that encourages it, exists in Sacramento.”

Democrat Assemblywomen Autumn Burke said she “was surprised to find rampant sexual harassment in a building of well-educated and well-regarded people.” According the San Francisco Chronicle, some of the women “[c]haracterized the male-dominated hierarchy in state politics as a breeding ground for misbehavior, much like the film industry.” It would have been more accurately described as the Democrat male-dominated hierarchy. Sacramento is infested with Democrats. Republicans are hard to find there.

The open-letter signers have taken to social media to post “me-too” messages, “disclosing long-closeted stories of being propositioned and harassed, belittled and demeaned and cornered and groped.” Closeting the stories for so long has allowed it to continue. One of the letter signers said staffers “have told her about men in the Capitol who make it known when their wives are out of town.” For Democrats, marriage vows are so yesterday.

Gavin Newsom is the current Lieutenant Governor in California and former mayor of San Francisco. He is the odds-on favorite for succeeding term-limited Jerry Brown as governor. Newsom is one of the small number of young rising stars in the Democrat party. In 2007 he admitted to having an affair with his best friend and campaign manager’s wife. In numerous glowing articles about Newsom, that fact is rarely mentioned. Swamp is a good description of Washington, D.C., but Sacramento smells even worse.

Another candidate for governor is Democrat Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. In 2007 it was revealed that he was having an affair with Telemundo news anchor Mirthala Salinas. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Villaraigosa’s admission casts a fresh shadow over his own personal conduct: He has two adult daughters born out of wedlock and his wife filed for divorce in 1994 over a separate affair for which he later publicly apologized. It may also have damaged his carefully crafted image as a family man. The revelation also raised ethical questions about Salinas’ decision to become involved with a politician she was covering as a journalist.”

Conservatives are frequently stunned when we witness the hypocrisy Democrats manage to get away with. Everyone is familiar with what’s called a “poetic license.” Somehow Democrats have managed to secure for themselves a “hypocrisy license.” It would be a wonderful day if that license got revoked.

Hypocrisy, however, is a misdemeanor compared to Democrats’ long record of disgusting behavior, abuse, and disrespect of women. We can only hope that recent events make it clear to more people that the Democrat party does not deserve their support.

Democrats have many times claimed that Republicans are waging “a war on women.” It appears that there is, in fact, a war on women, but the evidence indicates the soldiers are all Democrats. It’s far reaching and it has a long history.


What’s Revealed by the Harvey Weinstein Saga November 1, 2017

Ron Ross Ph.D. is a former economics professor and author of The Unbeatable Market. Ron resides in Arcata, California and is a founder of Premier Financial Group, a wealth management firm located in Eureka, California. He is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma and can be reached at

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