Friday, December 6, 2019

Power Mad: The Worst of the Left

Conservatives know the Left destroys everything it touches. That destruction takes many forms. The worst is obliterating the strength of individuals in order to grow a population of weaklings.

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Safe spaces, trigger warnings, and microaggressions are just a few of the ways the Left encourages weakness. Evoking fear is another. For fear to be an effective tool, the Left needs its followers to be fragile and helpless.

Although the Left’s crusade of making individuals weaker may be succeeding, mainly it shows that the Left will do anything, stoop to any level, to gain control.

The first three words of the classic The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck are, “Life is difficult.” He then writes, “This is one of the great truths, one of the greatest truths.” It is a great truth, he explains, “Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”

If life is difficult, what’s the best response?

A difference between the Left and Right is this: the Left believes in societalresponsibility; the Right believes in individual responsibility. The Left promises that government, your protector, will always come to your rescue and make your life easy. It’s a lie. Nothing will make your life easy.

Leftists say if you fail you’re not to blame. They have zero expectations of you. They resent any ability you may have to deal with your own problems. They’re secretly pleased if a lack of self-reliance leads you toward weakness, cowardice, and dishonesty. Dishonesty suits them; honesty does not. Like life itself, honesty is difficult.

If you’re a conservative and life hits you with a low blow, you handle it. Self-reliance takes strength, courage, and honesty.

The best teachers and coaches have high expectations of individuals. They don’t tolerate excuses. They aren’t particularly sympathetic. An observer might see them as mean. Yet they are the ones whom we look back upon with gratitude.

Victimhood is a creature of the Left spawned by weakness and fear. Victims are easy to manipulate; defining yourself as a victim is an invitation to misery.

To foment fear, the Left does not rely on real problems. It invents them — catastrophic climate change, voter suppression, ubiquitous racism, toxic masculinity, white privilege, mass extinctions, peak oil, evil corporations, hate speech, and Donald Trump. Women should fear all men. Every severe weather event is proof of far worse things to come. The Left has fabricated fear after fear, all of which in retrospect were wasted worries and destroyers of happiness.

The Left makes people fear their own words. They can’t be honest with one another. They’re afraid of humor. They’re afraid of freedom. They’re afraid of the future.

Leftists don’t care one iota about the damage their policies cause. They’re not the least bit concerned if all their promises are hollow. Conservatives know that leftists simply stay hyper-focused on their ultimate goal: power.

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